Claregalway, Co. Galway

Claregalway Castle has been carefully restored since 2003, and is now open to the public. You can read about the history of the Castle and its restoration here.

With the help of a castle guide you can walk the corridors of time. Follow the history of Ireland and Claregalway castle from Norman times to its current restoration.

The steep stairs are worth the views over the Galway countryside alone with the river Clare slipping past the castle walls. Marvel at the woodwork of the great hall roof and the stonework that has stood against time, wars floods and strife for almost 600 years.

There is much to be seen in the castle and adjoining buildings so plan your time. Our friendly guides are eager to help—you are very welcome at Claregalway Castle.

The annual Galway Garden Festival takes place in Claregalway Castle, normally in July.