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Water is categorised into two main groups, potable and non-potable. The difference between the two types can be simply explained as follows—potable water is suitable for human consumption and non-potable is not.

Rainwater Harvesting collects water for non potable uses as it can contain some contamination, which primarily emanates from the roof from which it is collected.

These uses include toilet and urinal flushing, washing clothes, washing vehicles and equipment, watering plants and gardens, drinking water for farm animals, etc.


At Rain Catchers Limited we have the inhouse expertise to review each individual project based on it’s own specific circumstances. Factors such as the harvesting potential, water demand & usage, ground conditions, location, etc. are examined in detail with a bespoke system designed to provide the client with the optimum performing and most economical solution.


Rain Catchers Limited provide all necessary materials and equipment for each project with which we are involved. This includes a wide range of tanks, pumps & controls, tanks and downpipe filters, monitoring panels, air valves, pressure vessels, leaf guards, pipework, ducting, etc.

We can supply products as detailed in our online shop and deliver throughout Ireland.


Rain Catchers Limited can provide a complete installation service including all civil, electrical and plumbing works. Our experienced engineers liaise with clients or client’s representatives to ensure that the installation is carried out in accordance with any specific requirements (i.e. programme, site restrictions, other site contractors, etc).


As well as fully commissioning the system on completion of the installation process, Rain Catchers Limited can provide a full warranty and after sales support service.

Check your current water bills and contact us and we can provide a full design to meet your requirements.