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Foróige youth clubs are groups of teenagers aged between 12–16, which are designed to keep young people active and off the streets, by providing them with fun activities to pass the time. Youth club programmes include recreational activities that give young people experience of organising their own activities which will benefit them in their future. One can learn a new skill like planning trips away and organising charity events such as baking and walks. You are also able to relax and listen to music or play soccer, table-tennis or basketball and much more.

Everyone is welcome to our youth club in Claregalway which is held in the Claregalway Community Centre at 8:30–10pm every Friday, with the cost of €3 per week and also a registration fee. I would recommend our youth club in Claregalway as it creates great friendship and widens your knowledge on activities that are dealt with in the club.

For more information contact Carol Ann Began on 087 273 7013.