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Hello! We are Fatima and Ariadna, two Spanish students. We are here in Ireland for a month to learn English in the Claregalway Secondary School and every Saturday we go to different places. Last weekend we went to the Aran Islands. We woke up at 7:00am because the bus arrived at 7:55am. We met with the other Spanish students there.

We took the bus from Galway city centre and then took the ferry for the island. When we arrived at the Island we rented one bike for each one. We were cycling for an hour and then we stopped because we couldn’t continue cycling, so we started to walk to the castle and the cliffs.

Fatima & Ariadna enjoying the sights on the Aran Islands with their friends.

We were very near the sea! It was fantastic and amazing! We took lots of photos there! Then we went on our bikes again and we stopped for a while at the beach. The beach has white sand and it was very beautiful.

The landscape was perfect, so nice. That is the real Ireland.

We loved that trip, we want to go again.

Fatima & Ariadna (Ireland 2014)