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This building has many secrets
You will find it on the Dublin road
just across from the GMIT
a building that has seen it all
from seasonal work parties
to the graduation ball
175 rooms, a swimming pool, Jacuzzi,
sauna, restaurant, bar
all empty, full of secrets
that will never be told
it stands with no pulse
it stands cold
no cars parked outside anymore
no lunch to eat, no beer to drink
no bed to sleep in, bricks and mortar
is what is left of this building
the human heart beat is gone
it just stands there, alone and
waits for someone to see it
But we don’t, it’s just another hotel
That could not make it
Just another building shut down
Just another memory stored away
Like the game of strip poker
I instigated in one of its rooms
Drinking cognac naked
Lovers tiffs, bar brawls
Weddings, engagements, babies conceived,
lovers in lifts
Yes, this hotel has seen it all
And it stays quiet on the Dublin rd

Written by Fiona Place on 7th of March 2011