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Hi all again, I hope everybody is keeping well and enjoying the fabulous spell of fine weather. I haven’t much too talk about this week. Really happy to be alive and kicking and while yes every day is a struggle for us, we are coping. Some days are good and some days are bad and while the bad might outweigh the good at the moment, we are working hard to reverse the situation. Thanks to a beautiful and understanding wife and 3 gorgeous children we will win. One of my carers saw that I was a bit upset on Tuesday morning and she said to me, ‘You know there are people that woke up this morning and could see nothing but darkness, they are blind’ ‘There are other people that cannot move their upper body due to paralysis, you could be in a much worse situation’. Upon listening and processing this advice, I asked her to take me out of bed that I didn’t want to waste another second of that day and some people needed me. I rang 3 or 4 different people whom I knew were going through a tough time and chatted. To be able to talk and listen actively are such important skills and should be used as much as possible.

I want to talk about the man pictured with me in the photo attached, Noel Grealish TD. I had a very tough time in trying to negotiate hours that were needed for my aftercare before my discharge from UHG. Everywhere I turned to for help it seemed to be another door being slammed in our face. Noel was my lifesaver and my family and I will be forever indebted to him and his excellent assistant Maria Burke for their help. Noel and Marie in liaising with my wife a safe and secure homecoming was made possible. Thank you most sincerely Noel, you are a true gentleman and it is a pleasure to know you and Maria personally.

Finally I will mention my beloved GAA. Weren’t Galway hurlers lucky last Sunday to come out with a draw? My heart was in my mouth. To me they just looked slightly off the pace and a little ring rusty. I am sure and certain we will see a different team tomorrow and please God a step closer to All Ireland glory. Nobody knows the amount of effort these lads are putting in every week in a bid to retain their All Ireland crown. We wish you the very best of luck in Thurles lads. Gaillimh abu.

Mayo finally cracked last Saturday night in Newbridge. I predicted it might be a tough test and so it proved. To add to their complications, two of their big men in the middle, Seamus O Shea and Tom Parsons were unavailable and try as they might Mayo eventually succumbed to the persistent and dogged challenge of Kildare. As I write, Roscommon have also won making it two teams from Connaught in the super eights. We are nicely represented as a province.

Never ever give up, battle to the bitter end
Chin up xxx