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Apostolic Work was founded in this country in 1923 for the purpose of helping the Missions by prayer and by material assistance. Up to 1962 efforts were concentrated mainly on keeping up Church supplies and vestments because that was the kind of help missionaries needed most during that period.

During the sixties, however, the emphasis changed and the association was forced to undertake a reappraisal of its activities in the fast changing era which followed Vatican II. Missionaries had been aware for a considerable time of the need to employ more up-to-date methods in presenting the Word of God. With the call from Vatican II to harness the use of the media, in evangelising the world, they turned to Apostolic Work for financial aid for the training of missionary personnel to produce religious and educational programmes on Radio and Television. Requests for technical aids such as ape recorders, projectors, public address systems and cathedetical material came pouring in from every mission country n the world.

The Apostolic Workers continue to make vestments, alter cloths, children’s dresses, vests and cardigans as well as knitted jumpers and cardigans for missionary priests and religious.

The Claregalway Branch of the Society started in December 1992 and the members meet in the Sacristy on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at pm. We would be happy to get more members so you are welcome to come along and help in this missionary work.

We hold a cake sale and display of work each year in October. We thank you all for donating cakes, supporting the raffle and giving donations for the Mission. We also hold a Church Gate Collection on the same day, but this year, and the following years, we are holding our Church Gate Collection on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July. These are our only means of fund-raising and we look forward to your support.

We are deeply grateful to our Honorary Members who pay £2 per year and pray for the missions.