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The career of Eugene Horan continues to go from strength to strength, with no less than four feature films due for a release in the coming months. However, next up for the Claregalway raised actor, is a role that will see his name credited alongside Oscar winning legend Martin Scorsese. Eugene admits he has been keeping the news under wraps for quiet some time and he can now reveal some of the inspiring words spoken by Robert De Niro when the pair met in New York last December.

“When I told Mr De Niro that I aspire to be where he is and I hope I have the honour of working with him one day, he smiled, placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “Son, if you’re good enough to work with Marty (Scorsese), then you’re on the right track!”

The movie Eugene and Scorsese will collaborate on is titled Tomorrow. Scorsese will exec’ produce, while his long term script supervisor Martha Pinson will direct. The pair have worked closely on many giant projects, such as The Departed, Shutter Island, The Aviator and Hugo.

Although largely filmed in London, Eugene will be flown to the south of Spain to film his scenes as a British soldier serving in Afghanistan. Described as a truly uplifting story, dealing with a number of important issues, including HIV and soldiers returning home with post-traumatic stress, Scorsese has stated, “Through Martha’s vision, the great cast and dedicated team, this story will resonate for years”.

The movie will also star BAFTA winner Stuart Brennan, who also wrote the script, along with Sebastian Street. While soul singer and actress, Joss Stone along with Stephen Fry (The Hobbit) are also set to star.

Describing his pride at being cast, Eugene said, “To have my name mentioned in the same breath as Mr Scorsese tells me that my years of hard work are starting to pay off, that I’m on the right path and I will continue to work hard, learn everyday, dedicate myself and constantly improve. I love Martin Scorsese’s movies, who doesn’t!? So to work with the great master will be the most incredible career experience. I also, cannot wait to work with Martha Pinson. A truly lovely lady and I know she is going make a very moving picture”.

The Galway man also stars as one of the lead roles in the Apocalyptic thriller Plan Z. Filmed earlier this year in the US, Italy, London, Scotland and France, the nail biting thriller directed by Stuart Brennan is due for a Leicester Square Premiere in the coming weeks.

“I play the very strong willed character of Ronan McBride. A no holds barred tough guy whose only concern is his family and in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, he will stop at nothing to ensure their safety”.

Eugene then turned his attention to the highly anticipated project, David Izatt’s The Fairy Flag. The action/fantasy/romance feature has been billed as the biggest movie out of Scotland since Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. In fact, all the battle scenes in the movie have been choreographed by the legendary Seoras Wallace, whose work also includes blockbusters such as Braveheart & Gladiator.

“The movie is set in the 1500s and I play the role of a monk called Brother Toger. I’m the main advisor within the castle and best friend to the Clan Chief, played by rising star Chris Capaldi, so it really is a fantastic role and indeed and a very important one. Toger isn’t your typical monk however and doesn’t always practice what he preaches. His heart is certainly in the right place and he really is a good guy but he too has his demons”.

Eugene then added, “What I loved the most about the role was the fact that it is so far removed from anything I have ever played before. In my last two projects, I have literately swapped a machete for a bible and as an actor, you cannot ask for a more fun and diverse challenge than that!”

Adding to the Irish contingent, The Fairy Flag also stars Dave Finnegan (The Commitments) and even closer to home, Eugene’s fellow Galwegian, Jade Yourell plays the leading lady as Titania. The Fairy Flag is expected to have a worldwide release in spring 2015.

Away from life on set, Eugene is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and took the time out to throw himself into the world of writing. “I’m working on an exciting screenplay which has already attracted the attention of some very well known Irish stars. Things are at a very early stage but I’m excited about its potential and the prospect of exploring other avenues of film making”. Watch this space…

Meanwhile, to keep right up to date with Eugene’s career, check out his Facebook page Eugene Horan Official or follow him on Twitter @Eugene_Horan.