Posted by Declan Tierney, Connacht Tribune in News.

Council vows to pull out all the stops for Claregalway funding

Strenuous efforts to provide a bypass for the village of Claregalway are being undertaken by Galway County Council.

Photo via Galway Bay FM

A Senior official has informed the Connacht Tribune that every effort is being made to secure the funding for the inner relief road. Director of Services for Roads, Liam Gavin, said that the Council had not given up on the plan to provide a bypass for Claregalway.

In fact, he said that he was in constant contact with the Department of Transport with a view to securing the funding to progress the project.

Mr Gavin said that it would cost in the region of €12 million and that this was cost-effective in terms of similar road projects that took place in other parts of the country.

He said that he was in constant contact with the Department of Transport and the National Roads Authority to ensure that the project is progressed.

“It is not something that has gone away. We are still in discussions to get the necessary finance to progress this project,” Mr Gavin confirmed.

Figures showing the projected usage of the new motorway from Tuam to Gort have prompted renewed calls for the Claregalway bypass to be proceeded with.

It is estimated that there are up to 30,000 vehicle movements through Claregalway each day which has made it into one of the country’s worst bottlenecks.

But there was some surprise when there were projections that just 7,2000 vehicles are expected to use the new motorway between Tuam and Galway.

“This means that there will be still more than 20,000 vehicles passing through Claregalway”, observed Deputy Noel Grealish. “A bypass for the village is still required”.

And he accused politicians, past and present, of not supporting a bypass for Claregalway when there was a dire need for one.

Deputy Grealish said that some were convinced that the Gort to Tuam motorway was the ultimate bypass of Claregalway but now the figures suggest the contrary.

As it stands a route for the Claregalway inner relief road has been identified. Tens of thousands of euro has been spent on the design and route selection process.

However, Deputy Grealish has been informed by the Government that there is no further money available for this project.

It was understood by local residents that once the Gort to Tuam motorway got the go-ahead, that funding would be provided for the Claregalway inner relief road.

The project was ready to go to the compulsory purchase of land stage but this has now been abandoned.