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We live in a fast paced, always on culture.  When people stop to chat, the conversation often starts with ‘I am so busy’, an urgency, validating our sense of worth.

We may think ‘Surely if I am busy, this highlights my sense of importance, right?’. What if we stop and reflect on what creates this sense of busyness.  Having a hectic schedule is thought to be expected of us, it has become the new norm. What if the only goal meaningful is to be happy? To find fulfilment and joy in the every day. What if our focus is off target, leading us to feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression? Feelings that we simply cannot keep up or get on top of things. Feelings of being overwhelmed.  What if there is another way to be?

Much of the stress in our lives is created from how we relate to what is happening around us.  It is a result of habits we have formed over a lifetime of reacting to things that other people might not.  We all have unique triggers that lead to our stress, maybe for you it is the traffic, the kids, an illness, the future, things not being as you want them to be, or the situations that are out of your control.  Each of us is on a unique journey.

Mindfulness is a powerful technique that helps those who practise it to relate differently to the world around them, to ask different questions and see the world from a new vantage point. It s about relating gently and compassionately with yourself and with others.  It is about learning to let go of things outside your control and reorienting your energy to those things that matter most.

Sue Redmond is an avid athlete and has a new book on how to apply mindfulness and psychology to sport. The  Athlete’s Secret Garden: Tending the Mind for Peak Performance available on

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