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PLEASE SUPPORT SINEAD ..Sinead is married to Glen and they are both from Carnmore. They are parents to their fun loving little girl Ella who turns 3 in December.

In Sept ’15 Sinead found a lump in her armpit which her GP initially believed was a blocked milk duct related to breastfeeding. In January ’16, Sinead (aged 34) was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer and unfortunately the cancer had spread to lymph nodes under her sternum which meant that surgery was not an option.

This came as a huge shock to everyone as Sinead was always fit and healthy and hadn’t been feeling unwell, just the usual tiredness experienced by a new mum.

Sinead began treatment in Feb ’16 and had 4 rounds of chemo after which she had a clear scan. This was followed by 30 sessions of radiotherapy and the remaining 2 rounds of chemo and a subsequent clear scan in Oct ’16. Treatment was completed and a follow up scan was scheduled for March ’17.

Sinead experienced lymphoedema in her left breast and arm post treatment which is often a side effect of radiotherapy. She received physiotherapy to help relieve the pain and swelling associated with this. Sinead was concerned that the symptoms she was experiencing were not due to the lymphodoema alone and requested that her scheduled scan be brought forward. In early March ’17, Sinead received her scan results which showed that the cancer had returned and had metastasised to her lungs, it was now Stage 4. She once again started treatment and received three different types of chemo over a 6 month period. Initially the chemo showed good results on a scan in May ’17, however subsequent scans showed that the cancer was progressing.

While receiving standard treatment Sinead had been continuously researching other treatment options both in Ireland and overseas. The most promising option that she came across was a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey who had released a study on their treatment of a patient with Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which showed a complete response to treatment. Sinead was also in contact with two other patients with the same type of breast cancer who had attended this clinic and had very positive results.

In Sept ’17 Sinead met with her oncologist and they evaluated the treatment options available to her going forward. The stark reality of being given the prognosis of months rather than years with the treatment options available to her in Ireland was not something that Sinead was willing to accept. With the support of her family and friends Sinead made the decision to begin treatment in Turkey. On Oct 2nd, Sinead travelled to Istanbul for 2 weeks to begin her treatment. Treatment involves chemo combined with supporting complimentary therapies (hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hyperthermia, vitamin infusions and ketogenic diet). Treatment will involve 10 days in Istanbul followed by 10 days back in Ireland. She has just returned from her second round of treatment and is due to return to Istanbul again in a weeks time. The clinic has recommended 5 rounds of treatment initially followed by a PET scan, then a follow up treatment plan will be decided.

Each round of treatment along with cost of flights and accommodation for Sinead and her carer amounts to approx €12,500. The first two rounds have been funded by Sinead, Glen and their families. We would really appreciate your support to help fund the remainder of this treatment and future maintenance treatment. We understand that not everyone will be in a position to donate to the fund but you can also support Sinead by sending her well wishes and keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks in advance for your support for Sinead.

Any money donated which is not used to fund Sinead’s treatment will be donated to cancer research charities.