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Thank you all so much for the messages of support, encouragement, texts and well wishes. You have made this journey so much easier for me. My knowledge and understanding of our situation has increased again thanks to embarking on this journey.

I really think that in my own situation, now the finishing line or discharge date has come into view, I want to speed it to up and arrive as quickl as possible. I was really down at the start of the week. I tried to think about why this might be. I was under the impression that the more work I put into my rehabilitation, the better I would be. This was not the case though; my body needs time to recover in conjunction with Physiotherapy. Every day since my operation on 20th June, I poured my heart and soul into rehabilitation. Most days I did 6 hours a day trying to make things back to the way they used to be. As I mentioned in previous posts, our bodies are temples and have to be treated so accordingly. I am ready to come home and can’t wait for the 21st December. My body has had everything bar the kitchen sink thrown at it from last April and still remains standing. What an absolute machine like piece of equipment I possess, indeed we all possess. It deserves to rest now, be treated like royalty and be left alone for a while. I apologise to my body every day for what it has to go through and assure it the hardship is almost at an end.

Heading back to Dun Laoghaire on Sunday evening, I kissed goodbye to my children and wife at the door. Suddenly my eldest daughter Fírinne, burst into tears, saying she didn’t want me to go. I assured her that Daddy was coming home for good in two weeks and to mind Mammy, Ríain and Saorla for me. I promised her that if she did that and stopped crying, I would buy her the biggest present ever for Christmas. She immediately stopped crying, promised me she would mind the three and proceeded to ring me at 7.30am on Monday morning. She informed me that she had picked her present and when could she expect to get it?! What a sucker I am. I don’t mind one bit. As long as I am able and can afford things for my children, they will always come first.

The photo attached is of us last weekend visiting Santy in Galway. Saorla was too scared of the encounter and was a bit unhappy as you can see. Ps, I am not sporting a dodgy haircut. That has to go down to years of Radiation to the head which has burnt some of the hair.
Never ever give up, battle to the bitter end
Chin up xxx

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