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Development consists of
a) extraction of rock from 4.35 hectares which was previously subject to rock extraction and all associated facilities/works
b) Extraction of rock will be undertaken by blasting means down to 5m above Ordnance Datum with material transported to the existing fixed crushing and screening plant for processing with occasional processing at the application site using mobile plant
c) Storage of quarry aggregate on completion of extraction
d) Landscaping and restoration of the site and all ancillary facilities/works
e) The applicant is seeking a 25 year permission as part of the planning application.
This is close to over 150 houses and our National School.

Corrandrum District & Resident’s Association held a public meeting on Monday 3 September at Corrandrum National School. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and outline our concerns in relation to a new application for further development which was lodged by Harrington’s Quarry, Ardgaineen, Claregalway. The application was lodged under reference number 18/1149 on the 14 August. Submissions from concerned members of the public must be with the council by 17 September. A decision is due on 8 October.

The meeting was attended by over 50 local residents and Councillors Mary Hoade, Peter Roche and James Charity. Representatives from Harrington’s also attended and were given the opportunity to speak and respond to questions at the start of the meeting.

Local residents outlined many concerns about the current operations and the new proposed development. Some of these include:

  • Operating hours – Harrington’s are seeking a change to operating hours from 0700-1800 Monday to Friday and 07.00 to 14.00 Saturday. Residents feel this is very excessive and many reported that the quarry is already operating well before these start times with trucks entering and leaving the site before 7am in the morning.
  • Heavy traffic volumes on a narrow, substandard rural road passing close by houses and Corrandrum National School. This will only increase as the development gets bigger. It will also add to an already serious traffic hazard that is particularly treacherous at school opening & closing hours and at drop-off and pick up points for secondary schools in Tuam and Claregalway.
  • More blasting and vibrations leading to damage to houses. Many residents expressed concerns about cracks and damage in their own homes with a number of houses requiring chimney repairs.
  • Health & Safety – Fugitive dust spreading far outside the boundaries of the site. Air Pollution fumes and smells from the on-site asphalt plant.
  • Also impacts on our mental health. Constant crushing noises, vibrations, and heavy traffic operating at all hours.
  • Lack of security on the site means it is easily accessible for children to gain access
  • The development has the potential to cause pollution to ground water and surface water including nearby lakes and rivers and nearby designated sites such as Lough Corrib.

The local community are in agreement that we would like to stop all further development at Harrington’s quarry. It’s time for the intrusion to stop so that we can have our community back to live in peace and safety.

All local residents are encouraged to object to this new development. The Resident’s Association will provide advice on how to lodge objections.

We welcome all support and can be contacted via our Facebook page