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On the 11th of April 2001, a very successful meeting was held at the Carnmore Community Centre. The objective of the meeting was to notify the Claregalway Parish about the advertised Green Area Pilot Project. People from the two main areas, Claregalway and Carnmore, were invited. Rosaleen Fox chaired the meeting and Noel Grealish our local P.D. Councillor was in attendance outlining the requirements of the Green Area Pilot Project and how very important this project is for the future, not only in our Parish, but, for the future of Galway. Landfill should be a thing of the past and incineration would be a disaster if it were to come to Galway. If an incinerator was placed in Galway, it would have to service all of Connacht. The incinerator would need to be fed 150,000 tons of waste a year just to keep the incinerator fed. Is this what we want? I don’t think so. The time to act is now. People from both Carnmore and Claregalway were at the meeting and they were very enthusiastic about tackling the waste problem in the area.

Noel and Rosaleen invited Ollie Ryan of Ryan Recycling to the meeting. Ollie had some of the colour coded recycling bags he uses (shown on the front page of this week’s Connacht Tribune) with him, and everyone at the end of the meeting eagerly purchased the recycling bags on their way home.

We have appointed a committee in order to facilitate the Carnmore and Claregalway areas. These areas combined would include well over 900 houses, and two highly populated schools.

Since our meeting we have teamed up with Ollie Ryan of Ryan Recycling. We are delighted to say our local shops have been very cooperative in selling the colour coded bags.(eg. Glynn’s Centra, Carnmore, Glynn’s Garden, Fruit & Veg, Lydican, Hughes, Claregalway, Grealishs Day Today, Carnmore, Raftery’s Centra, Claregalway and Dunleavy’s, Claregalway). Now that the bags are on sale, a notice will be placed in every child’s school bag both in Carnmore, and Claregalway, so that everyone is aware that this project is underway. A special day has been selected so that when the bags are full, they will be picked up, from right outside each individual house, on the first Thursday of every month.

We are also working on making bottle banks more readily available to the area in a suitable location.

The Parents Association of Claregalway will be organizing a visit to their school from Sinéad Ní Mhainín who is the Galway County Council Environmental Officer and she has been booked to visit the Carnmore National School, but, has unfortunately been delayed due to the foot and mouth crisis. We feel very strongly that you may not be able to change some people, but, if you educate the youth of tomorrow, that you have tackled a major part of the problem. If anyone has any questions about the above mentioned project, please feel free to ring either myself or Noel Grealish, our numbers are listed below.

Rosaleen Fox 091 794047 0876360153
Noel Grealish 091 794991 0872648607
Noel will be available, by appointment, on Wednesday evenings, in his home, between the hours of 7pm–9pm.

Thank you in advance for your help.