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Speaking at the launch of the first CD of Top Hat Stage School at Treat Cafe in Lackagh, Imelda French said that the tremendous work carried out by these wonderful talented individuals clearly displayed their individual talents collectively.  For many years Top Hat Stage School has been the platform for many talented adult performances by members of musical societies over many years, but this is the first time that a group has gone into a recording studio and put their voices on tape.

Many tributes were paid to Martin and Gerry at the recording studio for their patience and excellence in putting the CD together. Parents were high in praise of Imelda French Fahy for her wonderful work, encouragement and support of the children. The Top Hat Stage Schools CD has children recorded who are aged between eight and sixteen and with some individual solo recordings on the CD of some super individual acts. This CD could be the launch pad for many stars of the future and could become a collector’s item in years to come. The CD is available at local outlets or from members of the school.