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Meeting on Family History

One of the most heartening features in recent years is the upsurge of interest in family history and genealogy.  In searching for answers, church records offer a wealth of information. So, the subject for discussion at the next meeting of the Western Family History Association is “Church of Ireland Records and Family History”, to be held in the Claregalway Hotel on Wednesday November 14th next at 8.15pm. The speaker is the Rev’d  Anthony Previte, Oughterard, Co.Galway, retired Dean of the Archdiocese of Tuam. Throughout the eigthteenth and nineteenth centuries theChurch ofIreland was the Established Church inIreland and the largest of the Protestant Churches.

In compiling family history, people are confronted by an array of administrative and legal terminology to which they may not be accustomed.  Some of the terms may be difficult to decipher, e.g. words such as, glebe, impropriate, at will.

Prior to 1864, church records, parish registers and land surveys are by far the most significant sources of information available for family history and genealogical research. Civil records were not formally commenced until 1864. These resources are used as substitutes for the volumes of census data lost in the Four Courts fires in 1922.  But the quality and significance of the information in these historical documents will not be realised if the phraseology in the registers, some including Latin, is not understood or interpreted properly. So, points of clarification will be central to the discussion on November 14 th.

The Western Family History Association is a genealogy association based inGalway. Home counties of members includeGalway, Mayo, Clare, Roscommon,Sligoand Leitrim.  Five or six meetings plus visits to heritage sites are held throughout the year.  Benefits to members include learning how to trace family history, genealogy and ancestry. New members are welcome, details from Sean Flanagan, Chairman, WFHA, 091 799258.