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The Annual SMA Family Open Day, which is now a permanent fixture on the calendar of Summer Events around Claregalway will this year take place on Sunday, June 3.  The SMA Family Day helps to put SMA House and its missionary activities on the map. Through a varied programme of activities inside the SMA House in Claregalway and on the Grounds, patrons and supporters are guaranteed an enjoyable few hours of entertainment and social interaction.  The Dog Show has been part of the Family Day and it has proved a great attraction. (Contact Tom McCann re the Show – 087 4179175).

The SMA Fathers are calling on the support of all and they would greatly appreciate having an opportunity to greet and meet people from the surrounding parishes and from around the county and beyond.

Donations in cash or kind is always very much appreciated and each year many people with long association with the SMA Fathers come along to support the Family Day from all parts of the country.   Baking a cake is always a popular means of help. Flyers with fuller information on the day are available in the SMA House.

This is a day not to be missed and all are welcome to join in the fun and all the proceeds of the Family Day to towards SMA missionary work in Africa. As space on the grounds is at a premium on the Day, it would be appreciated if cars could be parked in the facilities available outside the SMA premises.  No parking space is far from the House.  Stewards will be on hand to help.