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Claregalway 2020 cross-culture Halloween event to be held this weekend


The innovative team behind Claregalway 2020 is hosting a novel event this weekend that looks at the legends of the season in the many cultures that now live in the city and county.

Organisers are inviting people to join them on a trail through the world looking at the legends, traditions, and delicacies in different countries around the time of Samhain or Halloween.

The event will be held this Saturday October 27 from 5pm to 7pm in the Claregalway Community Centre.

A spokeswoman said that the event focuses on celebrating the varied nationalities who have made their home in the community in Claregalway.

“We will be focusing on countries of the community living in Claregalway and the surround. We want to find out more about their homelands and share some of their traditions, similarities and differences.

“The event, to be held in the Community Centre grounds is a trail through five tented areas and each of which will focus on a group of countries under the loose banners of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and The Americas. Each area will include visual spectacles, music, interactive games or dance, and treats specific to the countries represented.

“People of all ages will enjoy a sensory trip through the local diverse cultures, culminating in a short parade/fiesta at 7pm to the community hall where we can celebrate how we are all Claregalway. Local artists will be working with youth groups and schools to make decorations and props for the visual spectacle in each area,” she said.

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