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Dyslexia is one of the hidden disabilities. It is a specific problem with learning to read, write and spell correctly. It is not caused by a lack of ability, by emotional or physical problems nor is it because a person has not been taught properly. It is thought to be due to differences in the way in which the brain works. It affects up to 8% of the population and is more common in males. Indications that dyslexia may be present are:

  • Unexpected problems with reading, writing, spelling and sometimes with numbers also.
  • A family history of literacy difficulties.
  • Early speech and language difficulties.
  • Problems with remembering common sequences, e.g. alphabet, months of the year, multiplication tables.
  • Problems with following more than one instruction, remembering messages, etc.
  • Poor hand–eye co-orindation.
  • Difficulties with written language.

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