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The easiest and most effective way to get fit is to get out of the house and walk. The best way to get in shape, and benefit your heart and lungs, is simply to walk—and you don’t have to go overboard, either. Walk for just 15 minutes twice a day, and you could lose up to 16lb fat in a year.

Research carried out at the American College of Sports & Medicine and the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention has proved that we needn’t push ourselves as hard as we once thought to get fit and stay in shape. Thirty minutes of exercise five times a week is sufficient to keep healthy. Always warm up with a five minute comfortably paced walk. This gets the blood and oxygen moving through your muscles, heart and lungs, and prevents muscle strain and injury. After your walk, finish with a five-minute cool down, slowing your pace right down to allow your body to recover.

To burn fat, walk for 20 minutes. You should be walking fast enough just about to be able to talk between breaths. If you tire before the 20 minutes, don’t worry; try again the next day. Each day, slowly build up your walking time until you reach your 20 minute goal. As you get fitter, pump your arms backwards and forwards. This gives shoulders, arms and upper back a workout at the same time. Do this walk three times a week and watch the pounds fall off!

Believe me, walking is addictive—for me it is my daily fix and helps relieve stress, frustration, etc. Try and incorporate it into your day and in time, like me, you will be totally hooked. Good luck!