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Characteristics of Dyslexia:

  • History of delay in speaking or pronunciation difficulties
  • Oral language errors (eg. spoonerisms, malapropisms)
  • Difficulty learning and/or recalling letters and/or sounds
  • Letter, number and/or whole-word reversals
  • Difficulty learning or recalling words for reading and writing
  • Transposing or omitting letters or syllables in reading and/or spelling
  • Fine motor co-ordination problems (tying laces, gripping pencil)
  • Confusion with left and right
  • Difficulty learning and/or recalling sequences (e.g. days, months, alphabet, tables)
  • Discrepancy between literacy attainment and general ability.


Dyslexia is a specific problem with learning to read, write and spell correctly. It is not caused by a lack of ability, by emotional or physical problems, nor is it because a person has not been taught properly. it is thought to be due to a difference in the way the brain works.

It is a very common problem which could affect eight out of every hundred people in Ireland. Many of these people will experience minor difficulties. Others will suffer all through their school lives and into adulthood. Reading aloud, writing a formal letter, essay and project work at school, sitting exams, even taking telephone messages may all pose severe problems.

This should not be so. If the problem is diagnosed early and a child gets appropriate tuition, then he or she should be able to cope quite well with a normal school curriculum. Parents, teachers, family doctors and the general public that much should be aware that this problem exists and unnecessary suffering is imposed on children when it is not recognized and dealt with. The Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia Association) exists to help people with dyslexic type problems. It provides a free information service. It offers psycho-educational assessment, group and individual tuition, Summer Schools, courses for teachers, talks and seminars for parents and the public.

A free information booklet is available by sending a s.a.e. to the above address. Information on local services can be had from the following: (091) 799358, 798266

The GDA is affilitated to the ACLD, Dublin. It is a registered charity (Reg: 10044) and is one of over 30 Branches of the ACLD set up by volunteers to help Dyslexic children and Adults in Ireland.