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It was Tuesday, August 1st and at 4 o’clock we left Salthill for Dublin Port. We left the Port at 9 o’clock and arrived in Holyhead shortly after 12. Then we had a 5 hour bus drive to Huddersfield. We were to play in an international tournament—The Yorkshire Cup.

That first night we didn’t do much, we had a light training session and then went back to our flats. We were due to play the next day at 12 and 4. We won our first game 11–0 and our second 4–0. We went back to the College and had an early night because we had to play at 9 the next morning. We won that game 6–0 and had to play again at 1 and we won that game 2–0. We needed one more win and we had qualified from our group. On Friday we played at 2 and won 4–0. So we had qualified easily. We had one final match which we drew 1–1. The semi-final was to be played on the Saturday at 10am. It was a hard match but we came out 1–0 winners. The final was at 2 against Meltham boys. We had a large crowd watching us. We won 6–0. We were surprised to have won so convincingly. A former Huddersfield player presented us with our trophies. Then we went to the McAlpine stadium to see Huddersfield take on Leeds. Leeds won that game 2–0. Then back to the College for a barbecue. We found out then that Sheffield Wednesday wanted to come over to us at Christmas to try and set up a youth programme.

That night we didn’t get much sleep. And on Sunday evening we arrived home at 11am. It had been a good week and we had won the Yorkshire Cup!

Paul Loughlin, Cahergowan