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Claregalway Skin Care and Aromatherapy Clinic, Kiniska, Claregalway

This Christmas if you want to look good for those Christmas parties, and no time to use the ‘sunbed’, why not cheat and use a self tanner?

How to apply:

  • Exfoliate first to remove dry dead cells on skin, that could cause patchy results, use a body scrub or an exfoliating glove.
  • Apply body lotion or moisturiser to provide a smooth surface. Be generous over dry areas like knees and ankles or they will soak up the colour.
  • Smooth on the fake tan using your fingers and finishing with a downward motion for even results. Apply according to instructions on tube.


NB: Be patient—rushing will only result in patchy uneven colour. Apply a few thin layers rather than plastering it on in one go.

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