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Note: These companies collect recyclables and then deliver them to recycling factories which costs them money, which they need to recover by charging householders. Hence the recyclables must be in their plastic bags, which you must buy. Dumping recyclables outside their premises is not on, they use CCTV to monitor their premises, and it’s a prosecutable offence under the Litter Act. Also it is illegal under Galway’s new By-laws to dispose of glass, aluminium cans and food cans in a regular black bag.

Disability Ireland (formerly Cerebral Palsy) (091) 564 857

Accept clothes, shoes, books, cutlery and bric-and-bric in good condition, either deposited in their bring bank at Galway Shopping Centre, or delivered to their shop on High Street in the mornings.

Connacht Recycling (091) 799 297

They will collect cardboard by arrangement, for a minimum charge of £5/load. They also recycle plastic for commercial users. Contact them if you have plastic which has been properly cleaned and sorted. You will need to pay them to take the plastic, contact them for details.

Cunniffe Recycling (086 231 7047)

They recycle newspaper and cardboard, provided they are put into separate bags. You must use their bags, which you can buy from them at £10 for 10 new bags, or £7.50 for 10 used bags. Contact them when you want to buy bags or when bags are full and ready for collection. They will collect the bags by arrangement, you can deliver the bags to them at Barna waste on the Headford Road (beside Carrowbrowne Landfill), or they will tell you where and when you can leave the bags to be collected. They recycle used plastic bags by selling them back to you at the lower used bag price.

Galway Corporation (091) 568 151

Accept refrigerators, waste oil, batteries, lamps and textiles at their depot on Sandy Road.

Galway Metal (091) 794 358

They accept tin cans, glass and metal objects at their centre in Oranmore, beside the railway line.

Rehab Recycling

They operate the glass, aluminum can and clean tin can banks at the bring banks at the shopping centres and car parks as well as at Galway Corporation’s offices and in Renmore.

Ryan Recycling (091) 773 190

They recycle newspaper, office waste (eg. white paper, envelopes), cardboard, magazines, aluminum cans, metal cans, PET plastic bottles (eg. Galway water), HTPE plastic bottle (eg. 2 litre milk bottles) and Tetra Pak cartons (eg. 1 litre Milk or Orange cartons). Different materials must be segregated into separate bags, and materials should be clean (eg. wash out the milk cartons). You must use their plastic bags, which you can buy from many shops, for example Holland’s Newspaper Shop in Galway City, also in Renmore, in Lower Salthill, in Upper Salthill, in Knocknacarra. £10 for 10 bags. Contact them when you have bags full and ready for collection. They will collect the bags by arrangement (they cover different areas on different days). They recycle the plastic bags by returning them to the bag manufacturer.

Irish Earthworm Ltd. (023 435645)

They sell vermiculture units to households, as an alternative to composters. About £150 for a unit. Being tested by Galway Corporation in Renmore. Contact Tom Cuffe locally on (091) 761 607 for more details on vermiculture.

St. Vincent de Paul (091) 562 254

Will accept clothes, shoes, books and bric-and-brac in good condition, delivered to their curiosity shop on Merchants Road. They will also collect furniture by arrangement.

City Bin

Currently they recycle glass and cardboard for business and commercial companies only, but they have obtained permission to build a recycling/transfer centre in Oranmore, which will offer a recycling service there to households.

Why not join others who are trying to improve the level of recycling in Galway?

Contact the Galway Waste Reduction Project,
c/o Galway One World Centre,
1 Small Crane, William Street, West Galway
(091) 581 688

E-mail: [email protected]

Thanks to Christine Keaney of Lakeview Estate for supplying the above information.