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Saint Brigid is remembered for her generous nature and her kindness. Her special day is 1st February, the first day of spring.

There is a lovely cross called St.Brigid’s cross and it is special because it is said to protect your home from evil. Long ago people always put a St.Brigid’s cross over the door in their cottage. The cross is woven from rushes, which grow in boggy places. They bend easily and don’t break. You can make your own Saint Brigid’s cross and hang it over the door.

How to Make your Own St. Brigid’s Cross

Make the Brigid’s cross out of colourful pipecleaners as rushes would be impossible for many people to find. But if you can get them do use them!

  • You will need coloured pipe-cleaners.
  • Fold all pipe-cleaners in two.
  • Take two of them and slot one through the other.
  • Now fold a third down across these two.
  • The fourth goes up in the opposite direction to make a cross shape.
  • Each pipe-cleaner after that goes over the last one used.
  • Make the cross as big as you want. Then tie the ends with pieces of pipe-cleaner, and trim the ends.


A Little St. Brigid poem

Saint Brigid made a special cross
to keep all harm away,

We place it now above the door
each and every day.

Saint Brigid made a special cross
with rushes from the ground,

We use it now in all our homes
to keep them safe and sound.

So, when we’re feeling troubled,
Saint Brigid’s cross is here,

We’ve made our own
with colours bright—
we have no need to fear.