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In a recent issue of Nuacht Chláir, there was a very interesting article on rubbish and recycling, hopefully readers will keep a copy for reference.

Rubbish and its disposal is very topical at present. Recycling in this country is only beginning and must be encouraged and supported by local authorities and communities alike and every effort must be made to reduce the amount going to landfill. Some private companies are doing a good job in recycling and local authorities are doing likewise but much more remains to be done before we can recycle as high a percentage as some of our EU partners.

Illegal dumping is disgraceful and is happening all the time along main roads and in quieter byroads. How people can justify dumping all kinds of rubbish away from their own homes and beside others homes is unbelievable. The fines that can be imposed on people who dump illegally must be enforced and anyone seen should be reported to the Environment Section in the County Council.

Local community groups like the Claregalway Amenity Group and the Nuacht Chláir can only do so much—the rest is up to the public, so in the interest of our environmental future, please help keep Claregalway litter free.

Seamus O’Connell