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We in Video Paradiso have a wide selection of movies available on DVD. DVD-Video is the new wave in home entertainment, an advanced technology designed to forever change the way we watch movies and music videos in the home. DVD-Video discs are the same size as traditional compact discs, but they can do much more. A single DVD-Video disc can hold an entire movie on one side while bringing together the high-quality, digital surround sound of compact discs with crisp, high-resolution video. Since DVD-Video was first launched, it has surpassed industry expectations and is quickly becoming the most successful new technology launch since compact discs were introduced.

What can you expect from the DVD-Video experience?

  • Superior picture and sound.
  • The ability to play audio CDs in a DVD-Video player.
  • Direct access to any scene.
  • Convenience—DVD-Video discs are smaller and easier to store than VHS videotapes.
  • Unprecedented selections—watch a video in wide screen or full screen format, see movie trailers, enjoy behind-the-scenes commentary and performer biographies, and choose different camera angles.
  • Alternate audio tracks—listen to exclusive commentary from actors and directors, or foreign language translations of movies.
  • Subtitle and karaoke tracks.
  • Exceptional durability.

The only one disadvantage of purchasing a DVD player is that you cannot record. Toshiba are the first to try and help those of you who may not have purchased yet to make a decision. They are releasing the newest DVD player to the market which has a recording system, unfortunately we in Ireland will not see this machine until the end of this year, but should be worth the wait.

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