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Bobby Kerr Blooms in Greenieland


We are delighted to announce that Bobby Kerr, Dragon’s Den panellist, owner of Insomnia, and supporter of small business and charities will be launching Gordon Goes to Greenieland at Bloom Ireland’s largest garden festival on Sunday June 5th!

Barnardos black_green_on_white

Bobby will help the Greenieland team colour in the Barnardo’s Greenieland mural which will be at the Greenieland stand (G67) in the grand pavillion. Bobby will kick off at 11.30am and then do a reading of Gordon Goes to Greenieland at the children’s stage area at 12 noon (behind the visitors centre).

We will be giving Barnardo’s 20% of all book sales throughout the course of the day so please spread the word! We will also give 20% of our website sales to Barnardos on the day so get purchasing at


At Bloom

  • We will be colouring in the Beaver Scouts Greenieland mural, and having fun with a bunch of Beaver Scouts and passers-by on Saturday afternoon. This will be donated to their Limerick office
  • There will be Gordon Goes to Greenieland book readings by Morag the author at the Bloom children’s stage every day at 12 noon
  • Come check out our free Greenie Pick and Mix seed packs for kids to enjoy at stand G67

Find out more about the Bloom garden show from June 2nd to 6th—kids go free! Come and meet Greenie at stand G67.

Writing tips for young and old


Some notes from Morag the author:

  • If you have an idea, write it down, have some fun drawing sketches (even if you feel you can’t draw, never mind!) and try to imagine your story
  • Your story needs to have a beginning, middle and end
  • Have a little notebook with you so that you can write down any inspirations, when I was in the process of writing Gordon Goes to Greenieland I found an unusual leaf one day that ended up being my inspiration for sketching Greenie!
  • Write about something you love, makes it a lot easier!
  • Think about your favourite writer and why you enjoy reading their books, this may help you with some inspirations of your own
  • Don’t worry about whether your book will get published or not, just enjoy the process, there is always the option of self-publishing (like we did!) or producing an eBook that you can publish yourself on the internet…
  • You will have to do lots of versions of your story, only have words you really really need(!)
  • Lastly, have fun! don’t get worried if you can’t think of something today, the writing process is creative and takes time

Children’s Books Ireland is a great start to learn more about writing and books.

Let’s go Grow!

  • Cucumbers are now in season (see some lovely juice recipies from Martha at EmbraceHealth below)
  • If you have planted onions and the tops have flopped over then they are almost ready to eat! Once the tops are down, leave in the ground for another 10 days to two weeks and then enjoy…
  • Plant your courgette plants out at the end of May if there is no sign of frost
  • It may be time to transplant your seedlings, keep them covered at night if they are tender plants (Jack Frost is still in the air!)

Hints and Tips!

  • We wonder who will win this years Super Garden show, can’t wait to see the winning show garden at Bloom!
  • Did you know you can get up to 40 cucumbers from one plant!
  • If you don’t have a lot of room in your garden, think about grow bags. You can put two courgette plants in a grow bag and you will have courgettes for the summer! Tomatoes also do well in grow bags…

Martha’s Cucumber Cleanse Special

  • 4 Carrots
  • ½ Cucumber
  • 1 Beetroot

Wash all your ingredients, put through your juicer and enjoy

Cucumber and Mint Juice

  • 1 Cucumber
  • 4 Mint leaves
  • 1 Cup water
  • ½ inch piece of ginger
  • A few coriander leaves

Wash all your ingredients, put through your juicer and enjoy

Some nutritional information: Cucumber is good for your liver, skin and nervous system! For more info. from Martha see