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Lawn moss is a serious problem in all lawns this spring, but help is at hand! Use OSMO Lawn Moss Remover to kill unwanted lawn moss and feed your lawn without forcing growth.

Key Steps:

  1. Apply OSMO Lime Pellets one week before you apply OSMO Moss Remover. 1 25kg bag of Osmo Lime Pellets covers 200sq yards.
  2. OSMO Moss Remover is a special blend of slow release fertilisers and moss control ingredients which kills lawn moss at the roots within two to three weeks of application.  OSMO Moss Remover greens your lawn without forcing growth; the special slow release lawn fertiliser is a complete mix of major and micro nutrients specially designed to green your lawn for up to three months.
  3. One bag of Moss Remover will cover 200 sq yards — greening your lawn and killing unwanted moss.

Special Features of OSMO Moss remover

  • Ensure you treat your lawn with OSMO lawn Lime Pellets before applying OSMO Moss remover
  • Kills lawn moss from the roots up, so the lawn does not turn black. Moss will simply go brown and wither away
  • Easy to apply. Large granules are spread through a lawn spreader for an even application — make sure the entire bag is spread evenly over a 200 sq yard area only
  • Feeds your lawn without forcing growth & kills lawn moss within 3 weeks of application.
  • While it will not damage tarmac or patio area, it is advised to only use OSMO Moss Remover on lawn areas.

Six simple steps to a moss free lawn using OSMO Moss remover

  1. If possible cut your lawn a couple of days before applying OSMO Moss Remover, this will make it easier to apply evenly to the 200 sq yard lawn area.
  2. Mark out 200 sq yards ( Approx 20 yards X 10 yards) using a cane or marker to identify the area to cover.
  3. Apply a dressing of OSMO Lime Pellets one week before you apply OSMO Moss Remover — each bag covers 200sq yards.
  4. Apply OSMO Moss Remover granules evenly through a lawn spreader to 200 sq yards. Please ensure the granules are applied evenly over the entire 200 sq yard area only as spreading over a larger area will dilute the effects of the moss control and feeding.
  5. OSMO Moss Remover firstly kills the roots of the lawn moss, the moss goes yellow and dies within a 3 week period (depending on weather). The fertiliser will green your lawn within 2 weeks of application and feed the lawn for up to 3 months.
  6. Remember to feed your lawn in mid summer with a second dressing of lawn fertiliser.

Paraic’s tip:
Apply OSMO Moss Remover and OSMO Lime Pellets in dry weather, using a lawn spreader to cover 200 sq yards. Moss will die in up to 3 weeks and greening of your lawn will occur in up to 2 weeks. Follow all instructions and application rates as per the OSMO instructions on the bag.