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No. I am not.

I’ve been fighting the urge to set up a second blog for months, nay, even years now.

I think I was stifled by the big win at the Blog Awards last year and lost my blogging mojo. I was afraid everyone was watching and listening. Then, with The Sunday Times, I became ‘we’ instead of me, whilst writing about our wonderful Wise world of food in Galway.

Now seems like the right time to get back to blogging basics. I have taken the plunge for a fifth and final year in college, undertaking a Masters in Journalism at NUIG. Our Tuesday mornings class is a 2 hour stretch of Social Media for Journalists.

I am starting this new blog to vent a little. I think my teacher wants me to blog about News & Current Affairs to show that I can, and then this will help act as a portfolio for later, but I am thinking this is going to be the place where I let off a little steam and gevetch about the crap that is grinding my gears these days.

The first, eluded to in the title, is the fact that as of today, and we are only three weeks in our brand new classroom, FIVE of our seven lecturers have used the phrase (repeatedly) “are you ‘au fait’ with that”.

The answer is no. I am here to learn. It appears I am ‘au fait’ with very littte because I did not study French for gawd’s sake.

And I am kinda wondering if the other two lecturers are going to join the party and start throwing this phrase into the conversation soon?

au fait French [o fɛ (English) əʊ ˈfeɪ] adj
fully informed; in touch or expert
[literally: to the point]

So as of right now… I am only au fait with all I don’t know.

Ya gotta love college for highlighting that!

Tune in or tune out…

I’ll be keeping it real right here for the next few months—but don’t worry there will still be loads of recipes and fun food stuff over at my WiseWords blog!