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Horkan’s Irish Shamrock is from the true Irish shamrock species, Trifolium Dubium, and has been carefully grown here in the West of Ireland using our native shamrock seed to produce a quality Irish shamrock plant which can be worn proudly on St Patrick’s Day and planted in your garden to grow on for next year.

The name shamrock is derived from Irish seamróg, which is the diminutive version of the Irish word for clover (seamair) meaning simply little clover or young clover.

Horkan’s Irish Shamrock is a perennial plant which means it will grow in your garden in a pot or out in your garden soil for many years. True Irish shamrock is easy to grow but does require regular watering during the growing months and especially in warm weather.


Paraic Horkan from Horkan’s Garden & Lifestyle Centres (located in Westport, Castlebar, Galway, Sligo, Cornelscourt and Wicklow) presented a bowl of Irish shamrock taken from this year’s crop to An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who travels this week to present our national symbol—the bowl of fresh, West of Ireland shamrock—to the American President Barack Obama on Friday.

Horkan’s this year exported hundreds of fresh Irish shamrock plants all over the world to the Irish Diaspora, “Orders came in all over the world including Canada, Argentina, America, South Africa and most of Europe. Our Irish-grown shamrock is unique as it is grown without the use of soil or compost and is grown in a special soil less gel which makes it suitable for exporting to all parts of the World”

Horkan’s Shamrock can be worn proudly on St Patrick’s Day and then planted into a pot or into your garden to grow on for next year. Irish people all over the World just love our product.

Care instructions

  1. When you receive your Horkan’s Irish Shamrock expect it to be slightly withered as it has travelled for several days from the West coast of Ireland to your home—so simply place the base of the root in a cup of cold water for one hour
  2. You can then place the shamrock plant into a fridge where it will keep fresh for up to one month or until St Patrick’s Day. Before wearing your shamrock plant place it again in water for 30 minutes. After which it is ready to wear
  3. Your Horkan’s Irish Shamrock can be planted the day after St Patrick’s Day into a pot of garden soil or compost—make sure the container/pot has good drainage. A 6 inch pot is ideal
  4. Remember to water your shamrock weekly during the growing season and especially in warm weather. The plant can be allowed to dry out slightly between watering. No feeding or plant fertiliser is required as the shamrock produces its own root feed
  5. During the growing season you can trim the plant back by 2 inches to help encourage a bushy habit and encourage a nice full plant
  6. This Irish shamrock plant will live for a number of years

Simply pot me up, add water and trim occasionally.