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Just the other day, an anniversary passed by me that went unnoticed. It was August 8th—when I moved back home to Galway —six long years ago.

So much has happened in that short period of time, but what struck me as odd was that it went by unnoticed. I lived in America for fifteen years and not once did I forget the day I left home for a new life in America.

Now that I’m home and we have passed the five year hump, I guess it must be finally time to allow myself to feel like I’m staying? I can’t explain it really. All I know is that considering we moved back, thankfully having missed the Celtic Tiger, when the country was in a downward spiral of economic depression and recession, our quality of life has never been better.

The family has grown, with the addition of our two foster kids, now permanently placed with our family, my Mum continues to be in great health and a very active member of the family, thank God, and earlier this year at Easter my eldest sister Tracy moved back home to Galway with her husband and their four kids. They had been living in France for twelve years so needless to say we are all delighted to have them back!

I missed my deadline a few times for this issue, and am so grateful that the editor was patient with me because I am in the eleventh hour of finishing my last project for college. I have been in college now for five long years and it feels great to be coming to the end of this phase of my life and I am eager to get back to work. I can’t say I have one regret at all about moving home and taking a plunge at the world of academia. I honestly never thought I would be able for it. The support from my Mum and husband, Ron, made it possible and I will never be able to repay them for this.

A few months ago, we were asked to be Electric Car ambassadors for Renault Ireland in conjunction with the GIY Ireland network. They have given us a Renault Fluence (decent sized car) to drive around for the next few months and I have to say—we are having all kinds of fun with it. Aside from the obvious cost savings (a complete charge 110km costs €2) we are loving how easy it is to drive. It is like a hovercraft gliding over grass. Not a sound out of the engine only the soft hum of a fan whirring about inside.


Last week, Ron took it over to the Sunday market in Claregalway and loads of people hopped in for a look. If you are thinking about having a test drive then I would suggest you phone Enda over at Bradley Motors (091) 770 909 and ask to test drive the Renault Zoe. They are making these cars cheaper and cheaper for everyone and with very low road tax (€120) and virtually free running costs (you can charge your car for free at any of the charging points around the country and across Europe) and there are no regular oil changes etc. It is well worth a look.

The whole project was put together with the folks from the Grow It Yourself (GIY Ireland) organisation as an effort to encourage people to grow more of their own vegetables and to start thinking more about the bigger picture, the air and the environment.


We are sold on the car and if you would like a spin in it Ron is over at the Sunday market in Claregalway every Sunday around 10am and he is happy to take you for a drive.

Right, back to finishing my Thesis… this time next month we will have already gone through the trauma of sending the children back to school and I will be well on my way to the next big adventure in my life. Stay tuned!

Móna Wise