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The following essay was written by first year Coláiste Bhaile Chláir student Louise Mahoney

The school community in Claregalway secondary school is very strong. With roughly 400 pupils in first and second year, there is a lot of sharing, communication and co-operation needed to keep the school running smoothly. Mr Mongey and all the staff have a vital role in this operation.

Teachers are responsible for developing the best environment for teaching students so that they can reach their full potential. Each teacher is very committed to teaching their subjects at the highest possible level. Good communication between teachers, parents and the school is also vital to establish if any bullying is taking place, therefore this can be dealt with immediately and not left to continue.

Assembly is another form of communication that is an important way of sharing information amongst all the students.

Teachers can email their students to share information or ask a question. This helps the students to be informed and is part of the Information Sharing. Class tutors are also great and effective for passing on information from students to other staff members and the principal.

Overall good sharing, communication and co-operation helps everyone be informed and be part of decision making.

This makes a happy school community!