Posted by Lorraine O’Hanlon, Galway Independent in Features.

Disinfectant on tap
Winter vomit warnings on walls
Ebola advice everywhere
One hour in A&E

Red stained bleeding boy
Still wants to play
Parents just want a hug
Two hours in A&E

Australian sopas and US trash TV
Supermac’s scent in the air
Extended families taking up space
Three hours in A&E

Elbow at awkward angle
Five-a-side teammate in tow
Shows he-cares by taking the piss
Four hours in A&E

Pregnant girl sobs on boy’s shoulder
They rock together, no words exchanged
The room pretends not to watch
Five hours in A&E

Another rolled in on a spinal board
Woman follows, bike helmet in hand
Second cyclist in
Six hours in A&E

Elderly lady stretchered in alone
Paramedic clutching pill box
No-one to ask questions for her
Seven hours in A&E.

All eyes on the double doors
Inside, tea, sandwiches and sympathy
Tests and trolleys and answers
Eight hours in A&E.