Posted by Maura Kavanagh, Cregboy in Features.

It has taken a lifetime of darkness to say thank you. You transformed our lives when you first arrived back in the fifties, and we stopped buying the candles and paraffin oil with its aroma permeating and lurking in dark under stairway spaces.

You cast a whole new light on all our activities, our nocturnal comings and goings, to beds and out of them on dark winter mornings.

We now reach out and touch your on/off button at any hour of darkness, read to our hearts content. You now come in all shapes, size and colours—soft pink and blues for babies rooms and incubators, give warmth to chicks and puppies in barns, seductive reds for atmospherics in brothels and such like establishments no doubt!

You light up our doorways and show us the way.

I recently carried one of your kind back from Turkey lighting up the inside of a turtle in a stained glass bubble, it being the turtle’s back. What would Christmas be without you? Bringing cheer and sparkle to trees and mantles, inside and out, frosty twinkles in gardens and magic and wonder to the eyes of children.

Christmas cheer to one and all in Baile Chláir, as we scramble in shops to find your old fashioned screwable kind to glow and shine inside and out lifting our spirits. Let us never take the simple light bulb for granted.

Nollaig Shona one and all. Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo arís.