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The Gardaí are advising that business premises should be secured with alarms and where possible with CCTV.

Holiday homes are also vulnerable. A number of holiday homes in the Headford area have been targeted by thieves knowing that there was nobody on the premises at the time.

This is where CCTV or alarms or having somebody in a neighbouring house keep an eye on the holiday property can help thwart the thieves if they try to break in. Otherwise if a property is vacated after the visitors who were renting it leave, and if it is not properly secured, it can be days, or even weeks later, before the owner discovers that it was burgled. Items stored for use or installation for use or installation in new homes in various stages of construction, targeted by burglars in a number of areas during last year, still remains a prime target for thieves.

Gardaí say it is a good idea to install a burglar alarm from the early stages of construction and to instal all domestic appliances the day they are delivered rather than leaving them around, which makes it easy for thieves.

“If it is not possible to install these items at the time they are delivered then it would be better to store them under lock and key elsewhere, away from the new building until the time is right to fit them,” says Supt McHugh.


Gardaí have been monitoring various internet scame, some involving the sale of stolen cars and others involving people selling forged concert tickets. A number of these have been reported in the Tuam area in recent months.

There have also been thefts from cars parked outside Churches during weddings as opportunistic thieves know that people ofteh leave cameras, handbags, and presents in their vehicles. People visiting cemeteries should be equally careful about not leaving valuables visible int heir cars. Those visiting scenic areas have had valuable equipment stolen.

Dos and Don’ts regarding Home & Farm Safety

  • Do make a record of vehicle make, colour and reg number of any strangers who call to your home or farm.
  • Do note the general description of caller(s): height, accent, gait, nationality, hair colour, eye colour, tattoos etc.
  • Do contact your local Garda Station as soon as possible.
  • Do mark all your property with your unique personal ID.
  • Do keep a record of serial numbers to cross reference.
  • Do consider installing GPS tracking system on your equipment.
  • Do not buy machinery, trailers, tractors, quads, ride-on mowers etc from strangers.
  • Do not pay cash for goods and note that if you have no receipt you have no guarantee.
  • Also remember that if you are in possession of stolen goods you may be liable to prosecution.