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by Fiona Place for the Irish Times

Black leather suites, American fridges
Black and white wedding photo
Wooden floors, all bedrooms ensuite
Barbecue and trampoline in the garden
Patio decking, drinks on the veranda

2 single beds from the social
1 small fridge, 1 oven
no wooden floors, no patio
a garden with a wire to separate the neighbours
Greyhounds tied up over the back wall
Drug dealer next door

High powered job, long hours
80,000 a year salary
Live in nanny
New car with all the features
2 holidays every year
Dom Perignon in the fridge
Louis Copeland in the wardrobe
Cocaine in the pocket

Part-time cleaner, part-time student
Full time parent
A 97 Astra with wind up windows
A picnic in coole park once a month
Cheese and milk in the fridge
Primark in the wardrobe
Shopping voucher in the pocket

Recession, cost cuts, loss of job
Graduation, qualification
House repossession,
New job, new home
Cocaine addiction
New car
Rock bottom
New start

Fiona Place is based in Galway. She has been writing poetry for a number of years and finds it very therapeutic. Her ideas come from her own experiences.