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Younger in springtime are you… the song goes and how true it is. Though the days have been by and large cold and wet, we have already had a sweet taste of the spring and it has given us a new spring in our step. It makes you feel younger and more alive!

I love spring. It is truly a beautiful, magical and wonderful time of the year, as the trees, flowers, shrubs and bushes start to bloom.

Spring for me is also a time of new light, new life, new birth, new spirit, new beginnings and new hops. It’s resurrection time in our lives so to speak. It makes me think about the many blessings that spring showers upon us, such as the freshness in the air, wonderful breezes, birds, song, lots of growth, baby animals of all kinds emerging, fresh water flowing…

Spring cleaning

Spring is the time of year when many people take on spring cleaning projects inside and outside their homes and offices. But what about inside your heart and inside your soul? Since we put so much time and effort into cleaning our homes, offices and outer self, shouldn’t we also do some spiritual spring cleaning of our heart, soul and inner self?

There comes a time when we must clean out the wardrobes of our life so that we may have room for items that will enhance our life. Throw away any hatred that may be lurking there and be sure to toss out jealousy, bad attitudes, dishonesty, complaints and hypocrisy. Before you finish, throw away that grudge you’ve been carrying against someone. Make room for love, honesty, forgiveness and kindness and not to mention thankfulness for all God’s blessings. Save space for reverence and respect for God, from whom all goods gifts come.

The Magic Pipe

Spring is the perfect time to effect a positive change in our lives because the ever-lengthening days of warmth and light and of nature’s responses to them are powerful cues for new growth. Spring urges us to plant some, grow some and bloom some. Spring brings us new hope that one day those of us searching for the light at the end of our tunnel will see the light shine through, claiming victory over our burdens and worries.

Let me share with you this lovely poem by E.L. Marsh, titled The Magic Piper

There piped a piper in the wood,
Strange music—soft and sweet—
And all the little wild things, came hurrying to his feet.
They sat around him on the grass,
Enchanted, unafraid,
And listened, as with shining eyes, sweet melodies he made.
The wood grew green, and flowers sprang up,
The birds began to sing;
For the music it was magic, and the piper’s name was—spring.’

Thought for the week

As your thought for the week, remember that each new day is like a cleared field ready for planting. Your thoughts, attitudes and actions are the seeds you plant. Choose only the seeds that will produce a bountiful harvest of love, care, prosperity and peace.