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Céad Míle Fáilte

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and staff joining us this year at Coláiste Bhaile Chláir. Wishing you every success. Thank you to our third year Cairdeas leaders who returned to school early to welcome our new first years.

Handball World Champion


Congratulations once again to Niamh Heffernan on her incredible success in the Worlds in Canada. We followed all her games with great interest and are so proud of her. Her hard work and determination is a great inspiration for us all.

All Ireland Hurling

Coláiste Bhaile Chláir are very proud to have two members of the Galway senior hurling panel on our staff, Mr Donnellan and Mr Flynn. Congratulations on reaching the all-Ireland hurling final. Beidh lá eile againn.

All Ireland Camogie

Wishing Ms Ryan and the Galway Camogie team all the best against Cork on Sunday.

Parenting Seminar

Thursday 17th of September from 7–9pm in the Ardilaun Hotel, Taylors Hill. This seminar is designed to give parents the knowledge and information required in order to address key issues relating to the sexual health needs of young people.

Cúnamh Autism Unit

Coláiste Bhaile Chláir have recently established an autism unit in the school, to meet the needs of children with autism from the local areas. The aim of the unit is to integrate children with autism into the mainstream school community.

The unit also offers dual attendance whereby children can access the autistic unit and mainstream school. There is also a policy of reverse integration whereby pupils from mainstream classes join with pupils in the unit for some activities.

The aim at the school is to develop each child holistically to reach his/her full potential. The curriculum is tailored for individual needs and works towards and incorporates the mainstream curriculum where possible. Please say Hello to our students as you may meet them in the village as part of their life skills programme.

Retreat to An Tobar Nua

by Naomi Grealish 1st Year

On Friday the 4th of September 2015, our Form went on a retreat to An Tobar Nua, Dominick Street, Galway. We got a bus from our school Coláiste Bhaile Chláir to An Tobar Nua at 9am. When we arrived they all greeted us and then we all headed upstairs where we sat down and talked for a couple of minutes amongst ourselves, then we did a small meditation before we started. After that we did a really fun Game called limbo—we all had to go under the pole without touching it, some people were very flexible! Then we all went downstairs to have our lunch. Most people got a cookie and hot chocolate which was very tasty!

After we finished our lunch we talked about our religions and what we do and don’t believe in. I liked how they welcomed every religion because it shows a great example to all of us kids. Then we all played a lot more games which were all very interesting and quite funny! Some people won Free Cookie Vouchers for winning a certain game. We then all had dinner that was really nice and tasty!

After that we watched a video about a disease that nobody knew about. It crossed open borders and closed borders, it was getting closer to everyone every second. Thousands upon millions were dying from this. Finally they found one little boy that had the right blood for a cure, he wanted to help people from dying so badly that he took his own life for the doctors to have all his blood to make a cure for this disease. People praised him to his parents about his bravery and how kind it was of him to do that… Everyone in our form was stuck to the board watching this video because it was so interesting.

A staff member of An Tobar Nua liked music and played a few songs on his guitar—he played Ed Sheeran and he was really talented! Other staff told us about their life stories and how they were guided through each step.

We all had a fabulous day on our retreat and I hope that we get the chance to do this again!

School Bank returns to Coláiste Bhaile Chláir for another year

by Avril King

The school bank is back in Coláiste Bhaile Chláir for yet another year! The bank, run in conjunction with Bank of Ireland, will be in the school every Thursday from 1:15–1:55pm. Any second level student can open an account with the bank. The accounts are great to have, to encourage saving and to promote good money habits within the school and at home. The accounts are free of charge and available to any student who wishes to open one. With the account you receive the normal benefits of a current account, and also an ATM card that can be used in ATM’s nationwide.

Also, the bank is running a special competition for an iPad mini, when we have fifty new accounts opened in the school we will do a draw, with the winner getting this fantastic prize. The bank will meet every Thursday, so why not come down and open an account with us?

Supervised Study

Supervised evening study commences at Coláiste Bhaile Chláir on Monday September 14th.

Our students have found a distraction free, focused and study orientated atmosphere very valuable. The dedication of organised blocks of time to study helps students become more disciplined in their study habits and enables them to better manage their time. Enquiries contact Mr Hurney 086 604 0838.

Weekly Timetable: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 4.15–6.15pm. Wednesday and Friday 3.15–5.15pm.