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Would you like to know exactly what to eat to have energy for exercise? SCCUL Enterprises are pleased to offer a free seminar on the area of Nutrition and Exercise in the SCCUL Enterprise Centre, Ballybane on Thursday October 29th at 7pm.

Edel Keaveney, a qualified nutritionist and kinesiologist will present this seminar examining best practices in nutrition for people who are exercising on a regular basis.

According to Edel, this seminar will be of interest to people of al ages, who do any type of exercise, or who plan to start exercising.

“Those attending will be confident they eat right as they will know the best foods for sustained energy. They will understand what to eat and drink (and how much) before, during and after exercise. They will also have ideas for quick, healthy meals you can prepare at home.”

Topics covered in the one hour seminar will include recommendation on types and amounts of food needed each day as well as guidelines on daily quantities of carbohydrate, protein and fat.

Edel, who has advised sports people and sports teams will also provide ideas for what to eat before, during and after exercise as well as recipes for healthy meals. She will also give top tips on hydration and recovery.

The issue of supplements will also be discussed and Edel will offer advice on natural substances that enhance performance.

Edel is a professional Nutritionist, who advises people on improving their health. She holds a degree in Nutrition Science from University College, Cork, a PhD in Nutrition from University of Ulster, and a Diploma in Kinesiology. She has worked in nutrition research, food companies, food law, and complementary healthcare.

The seminar is free, however registration is essential. To book your place please contact SCCUL Enterprise Centre on 091 386 004 or email [email protected].