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by Noreen Burke, Knockdoe, Claregalway

That old man who can’t remember, think of him as your own Dad.
For he was once a big strong man, but he’s now confused and sad.
That old lady who repeats herself a hundred times a day,
was once so very capable of making her own way.

And the person with the failing sight and who finds it hard to hear
is now so dependant on you because all they know is fear.
When you see that human being holding tight their walking aid,
imagine once their bones were strong, but now they’re frail instead.

When they’re cross or they’re demanding and they drive you round the bend
Try to put yourself in their place, and just be their special friend.
For they may long just for someone who will put their mind at rest,
When they’re feeling agitated, lonely or depressed.

Leave them with some independence, leave them with dignity and hope.
They don’t choose to be your burden—they believe that they can cope.
But they cannot that’s the saddest thing, when old age dims the mind.
Their fighting spirit some have lost and their lives are now confused.

When a family member comes to leave a loved one in your care.
Just remind yourselves how hard it is to go and leave them there.
For you do not know their circumstance or just why they need your hand,
never judge them, please have patience and try to understand.

Just keep on caring every day, let your deepest love be shown.
For each resident you get to know in every Nursing Home.
Do not choose your role as carer, if it’s just a job that pays,
for those tired and old and vulnerable deserve your respect always.

It is not their wish to cause you grief, believe me this is true.
They are happy and so thankful, they can feel at home with you.
So make them feel protected and make them feel that they belong,
you all know that his is right to do, for God knows it can’t be wrong.