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We believe in being healthy. We want to empower you to make lasting lifestyle changes, leading to a healthier and happier life. Join us for this unique and simple health program, focusing on nutrition, movement and wellness.


“The Be Whole Health and Wellness retreats will give a holistic appreciation of food – taking you from the garden, to the kitchen to the dining table. With wholeness and wellbeing as the central focus of the retreat the schedule will include:


– A visit to the organic kitchen garden and meet our head grower Mitch from Moyhill Farm where (and have a veggie patch picnic – weather provided!)

– Harvesting seasonal produce which we will use in our cooking

– Practical hands-on cookery demonstrations

– The establishment of a simple recipe repertoire to take home

– Tips on developing your wholefood pantry for ease of cooking at home

– Design guidelines on creating a calm cooking and eating environment

– Foraging Walks to gather nature’s seasonal abundance in local hedgerows and along the seashore to be used as medicine in our cooking

– A guided eating meditation that can be practiced at home

– Embodied relaxation session”


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Many of us know what we should be doing, we are told this often enough. We probably know what lifestyle choices we shouldn’t be making! However this alone isn’t enough to bring about change. We are also surrounded by so much information, often conflictory, about what it takes to be healthy. It is a confusing world out there.


At the Cliffs of Moher Retreat, we believe at its heart, diet, exercise and wellness, is actually simple. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables, Move More, Stress Less.

But that doesn’t mean that making these lasting lifestyle changes is easy.



Unique to these Be Whole Wellness Retreats is our cookery class with Steph Sheahan. Steph is a Food Experience Designer and your time with her will be so much more than simply learning to cook. Steph has created a food experience based on the Sensuality, Spirituality and Simplicity of cooking and eating. Steph excels in the creativity and approachability of our relationship with food, and her purpose is to empower you. Her expertise focuses on mindful eating, cooking as meditation and connecting to the experience with body and mind. For more about Steph please see her website Rituals of Plate.


Dinner is where we will impress you and show you how elaborate and fantastical plant based eating can be – our chefs doing what they do best! Wednesday evening will be a juice/broth fasting experience. There will be the hot tub and sauna that night with jugs of fruit water and ginger tea.


Cliffs of Moher HikeConfident and competent. This is our goal for you.

There will be hiking and walking in nature everyday. Some of these walks will be guided and others self guided. Meditation every morning and a physical ‘Stretch and Relax’ yoga class every afternoon. On alternate days there will be our Cookery Classes and one Coaching Session with Michelle, a certified Wellness Coach, to give you the tools to get informed and work on your personal goals.


hot tub


Who is this for?

Our health and wellness events are for anyone wanting to make lasting lifestyle changes. For you to take control of your own health.