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“Trades and Profession Week” launched by local primary school.

Cregmore National School launched a new educational initiative earlier this week, titled Trades and Professions Week 2020. This initiative is the brainchild of school staff who recently agreed that children should become familiar with a variety of trades and professions at an early stage in life, thus planting a seed of probability of what profession and lifestyle the children may opt for in adult life. In total twenty five adults of varying backgrounds attended the event over the past week, visiting the senior classes and outlining details of their profession. Following a presentation from each invited guest, the children then participated in a questions and answers forum before summarising in writing details of the each profession.The variety of speakers was vast, including a newly ordained priest, Fr. Lohan, a dentist, a health nutritionist, a nurse, a plasterer, a garda, a pharmacist, and  a seamstress to name but a few. Among the first to arrive was Deputy Noel Grealish T.D who spoke of his education and profession as a business man, working in the Glass industry prior to his election to the Dail in 2002. Before leaving the school, Deputy Grealish was also invited to unveil the schools new website, which showcases all that is happening in this progressive school. Deputy Grealish commended the staff and children who created a very attractive site full of relevant information, colour and photos which capture the essence and atmosphere of all that is happening in the school. Full details of Trades and Profession Week are now available for viewing on the school website