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Galway Youth Federation is the main umbrella body for Youth work in Galway City and County. The organisation has a Professional Youth work Staff, sponsors a FAS Community Employment Programme and has a volunteer corps of 180 dedicated adults. These are some of the facts about Galway Youth Federation which aims to provide personal development and social education opportunities for young people. This is done through the provision of youth services such as Youth Clubs, Project Groups and an Information service.

Training is provided for adult leaders before setting up a youth club and there is follow up support from Galway Youth Federation in areas such as programme planning. Let us not forget however clubs are for fun and should encourage young people to take part in the Resource Centre on Francis Street where clubs can avail of a Television and Video, Badgemaking Equipment or a set of Uni-hoc sticks. Annual programmes offered through National Youth Federation include Indoor Games competitions, a Variety Show Competition and Design a Christmas Card competition. The club section of the Galway Youth Federation was divided into mini-regions in the last club year (a club year runs September to June). Claregalway falls under the direction of the North Galway region and the Tuam Youth Services whose current Community Youth Worker is Caroline Ward. Administration, Insurance and Public Relations for Youth Clubs is provided through the Regional Office in Francis Street, Galway. More direct information on club programmes, inter-club activities and leader training is dealt with by the Youth Worker.

Again, on a more practical side, the Galway Youth Federation through its parent body National Youth Federation offers clubs a comprehensive policy and while it covers members and adults, some more active pursuits are excluded (so no bungie jumping as a club activity!!) For those still wondering at the value of starting a club, one example which can be taken is Galway Youth Federation’s “Youth for Hospice Weekend” which was run in November 1995. Clubs and young people organised events in their local communities and schools to raise money for the Galway Hospice in Renmore. Plans are underway for this years event again to be held in November.

If you are interested in starting a Youth Club in Claregalway, the person to contact is
Caroline Ward, Galway Youth Federation, Dublin Road, Tuam, Co Galway. tel. 093 25484.