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December 12th 1995 saw the first meeting of the Amenity Group of Claregalway Community Action Group. Here we are, a year later, to report on our achievements.

  • As a result of numerous phone calls, letters and representations to Galway County Council, we managed to get the park at Cregboy, near the Rockwood road, tidied up. The grass was cut, gates were replaced and the benches were painted.
  • By collecting £10 per household, we have placed name-stones on almost all the Claregalway townlands. The few remaining areas will be covered shortly.
  • We have provided recycling banks for drink-cans, bottles/glass and clothing. These are situated at Dunleavy’s car park. Please keep in mind over the Christmas period.
  • We have renovated pumps at Cahergowan, Cloon and Montiagh.
  • On November 18th last, due to pressure on our part, a FÁS scheme in conjunction with Galway County Council began work repairing stone walls and, hopefully doing some landscape work on the roadsides. It is hoped that all roads to Claregalway will be restored to their former glory and trees and shrubs planted at all the neglected areas along the roadsides.

Committee members, their families and friends put in many hours on the pumps – cleaning, clearing, repairing and painting, and to these we say thanks. A special word of thanks to Padraic Duggan and family who did a superb renovation on the Montiagh pump. Thank you to Senator Jarlath McDonagh who supplied the seat for the Claregalway pump, to Malachy Flaherty who supplied the wrought iron flower holder and to Bosco McDermott, Jnr of Glynn’s Garden Centre for his ongoing valuable assistance and advice.

The Committee would also like to thank you, the residents of Claregalway for your generosity. The response to our collections for place-names has been very positive and shows a great community spirit. Thank you. Also, may we thank those local people who gave voluntarily of their time to help in the erection of said place-names.

We achieved success in recruiting workers for our FÁS scheme. It is hoped that we can extend this scheme when their year is up, as we have big plans for the area, for the next 5, 10 and even 20 years!

Our Committee are working for all residents with a Claregalway address and we would appreciate any ideas you may have that would add to the overall aesthetic value of Claregalway. We must be patient however, and realise that progress may be slow, but we will have results! With your continued support, we will work on our projects and see the results in time.

Nollaíg Shóna do gach duíne, and we look forward to your continued support in 1997.

Patricia Carton, Secretary

Committee Members

Josette Farrell, Chairperson
Patricia Carton, Secretary
Rose Kavanagh, Treasurer
Josie Concannon, Mary Duggan, Sean Harte, Larry King, Celia Lennon, Seamus O’Connell.