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On behalf of the Community Alert Group I would like to express the horror, shock and sympathy we have all felt with the cowardly attack on Mr. Duggan. We have said that we were lucky that we have had so little crime in the area, but what has happened reflects on what is happening throughout Ireland. The role of the Community Alert is to encourage everyone to look out for their neighbour’s welfare and security. It is your responsibility as a neighbour to do so.

We are presently preparing a survey of vulnerable people within the area to advise them on the availability of additional security products which is grant aided by the Dept. of Social Welfare through the Community Alert Scheme. Further details are available from any of the co-ordinators.

On behalf of the committee and all the co-ordinators we wish everyone a Safe and Happy Christmas.

To the many people walking or cycling on the dark roads with no reflectors, THINK!, accidents don’t always happen to others.

Martin Kirrane