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In a New Year’s reception given by Galway Chamber of Commerce at Galway Airport in Carnmore, Mary O’Rourke, Minster for Public Enterprise, reiterated the Government’s commitment to the development of the Airport. The approved changes will cost an estimated £4.2 million, of which £3.1m will come from the Government.

Mrs. O’Rourke stressed the importance of Regional Airports, “in this day and age we are all only too well aware of the importance of Access” she said. The new improvements will include the extension of the existing runway from 1,350 metres to 1,600 metres and widening it from 30 to 45 metres. As a result, jet aircraft will be accommodated, which will open up the Airport to flights to Britain and the Continent. Galway will thus be placed in a better position to attract additional air services, more tourists and more importantly enhance the standing of Galway as a major centre for business and enterprise.

No doubt, the expansion and upgrading of the Airport at Carnmore will have a positive effect on the entire locality.