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At a Meeting held on the 23rd April, the committee noted that progress on the installation of pendants had continued and to-date forty units had been ordered and sixteen had been installed. It was hoped that progress on the installation of further units would proceed quickly.

To-date, up to eighty pendants were required to cover the whole parish and that a number of forms had not yet been returned by townland co-ordinators. It was hoped that those who had outstanding forms would return them as soon as possible.

The committee wished to publicly acknowledge the contribution made by Mr Fox who has the daunting task of installing the units and the committee would like ot hear from anyone else who is willing to help with the installations. Without further support, it will take some time to install all the units.

If people have queries regarding community alert, they should contact their townland co-ordinator or a member of the committee.

Martin Kirrane, Margaret Waldron, Brendan Noonan, Sean Harte, Liam Glynn, Martin Joe Greaney, Murt Grealish, Malachy Hanley, Garda Pat Heneghan.