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The Claregalway Branch of the Apostolic Society would like to thank everyone who supported them during the year, and to wish each and everyone a very happy and Holy Christmas and a New Year full of peace and blessings.

This year we gave £1,310 to headquarters in Salthill. We gave 13 sets of vestments, 13 crochet blankets, 31 pairs of socks, 47 matinee coats, 14 baby cardigans, 47 children’s dresses, 14 knitted baby vests, 12 cardigans for adults (plain and aran), 60 small linens (corporals, purificators and finger towels), 6 teddy bears, 9 childrens jumpers, 83 rosary beads and 3 knitted scarves. All these goods went to the Missions and some to Bosnia. We must remember the joy and happiness these things give to less fortunate people in places like Africa, Latin America, India and the Phillipines.

We collected used stamps. The money from these from a dealer will be used to help spread the Gospel of Christ in Missionary countries, so keep collecting used stamps for us. Everyone is called to be a missionary, so you can be of tremendous help by doing this.

Many thanks to all the people who supported our Church Gate Collection on the first weekend in July, to all the people who donated cakes to our sale of work on October 11th, to all the people who gave donations.

To our Hononary members who pay £2.00 a year and who pray for the Missions, a very special thank you. The money collected in this way help to buy the materials for the vestments and dresses, wool, etc. If anyone has odd balls of wool we would be glad to get same as it helps in making cot blankets and smaller items of knitting and clothing.

A very special thanks to the Carnmore Ladies Club who gave us such wonderful help and who made children’s dresses, small linens and of course to many lovely cakes for our cake sale, and who always has such great welcome for us when we visit them.

We have our meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Our next meeting is on January 26th 1999. You are welcome to come along and help us in any way you can.

Beannachtaí an Linbh Íosa oraibh uilig
Sarah McCallan


“I must pay a special tribute to the Apostolic workers throughout Ireland. Over the years they have done an outstanding, amazing job. It would be very difficult to equip the many mission churches without their silent toil. All who support them are doing a great missionary work.”
—Father Oliver Leavy, Kiltegan Fathers