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Claregalway Amenity Group was very upset to notice that the clothes bank in Dunleavy’s car park was vandalised. We believe clothes were taken out of the bank and strewn along the roadside. As a result of this, the clothes bank has been removed. It’s such a shame that such a valuable commodity was abused. The bottle banks remain in-situ and for them to remain so, we need the co-operation of all residents in Claregalway. Please please help us do what we can for our environment.

Wake up to what you can do for YOUR environment!

  • Use recycling facilities for paper, glass, plastic, cans and oils.
  • Conserve energy at home and at work.
  • Buy unleaded petrol.
  • Use public transport, walk or cycle when possible.
  • Plant a tree.
  • Stop littering and encourage others to stop also.
  • Use smokeless fuels/low-smoke fuels only.
  • Look for and buy environmentally friendly products.
  • Initiate or assist local clean-up campaigns.
  • Report illegal dumping and suspected air or water pollution incidents to your local authority (ie. Galway County Council—Environment section).